Case Studies

training group running in a line“So following a much needed holiday I relaxed my eating habits and pretty much ate everything in sight! It wasnt a real shock to find out that I put on over half a stone in the week! When I heard some of the girls from work were attending OMF bootcamp. I thought I would give it a go myself and jump straight in with a session 6 hours after landing. Im not gonna lie, its hard as hell and in only a week and a half I have already lost half a stone of the holiday weight that was put on! Obviously I have cut out the junk too but couldn’t be happier and am finding myself looking forward to the next grueling workout 🙂 I did think there would be more abuse coming from Liam but he seems quite tame at the moment, in all seriousness though he is a great instructor and will definitely keep you motivated for the whole session even if you say you can’t go on! Im definitely gong to carry it on and hopefully loose another stone or two :-)”

Alex Watson – Crawley Borough Council

“Since I have started doing Outdoor Military Fitness (OMF), my fitness and flexability has significantly improved, I am now able to run further and do more than I could have done before I joined. Having previously been one of these people who would go to the gym but never quite push myself to the same level I do with OMF. I did think at first, having been recommended by a friend, that OMF may be one of those sessions that I would do once and then give it a miss. However I am so glad I decided to join up and attend it four days a week, as I am feeling much better than I have previously did and my physique is looking better.

I think anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness should give it a go, it’s fun to do, but pushes you to your limits while making sure that you dont over do it. Also with an amazing instructor, it is well worth joining.”

Van Emmanouilidis – Southern Housing Group, Horsham

“I found OMF by chance last October, when I was searching for someone to help me prepare for a 100km walking challenge. I knew that gyms didn’t work for me, having tried and failed with several over the years, and figured that as it was an outdoors challenge, it made sense to do some outdoors training. I must confess though, that I joined with every expectation of hating it as much as I used to hate games at school…..I have rarely been so wrong!! There have been times when I wasn’t sure whether my muscles were hurting from the exercising or the laughing too much, as the sessions involve a lot of both.
There has been constant encouragement to push my limits safely and even when I picked up an injury (not OMF related!) which I thought might jeopardise the training, that proved to be no issue, Liam just worked round it….he has a favourite saying of there being no problems, only solutions.
7 months later I am fitter than I have been in over 20 years, I have lost 5” from my waist, I no longer have to worry about having that decadent dessert, I’ve met some great people and made new friends and, most importantly, I feel so much better in myself. I was asked whether I would stop OMF once I had completed the challenge, and the answer is very definitely ‘No Chance’.”

Sarah Mccarthy – EDF Energy

“My only regret about OMF is not joining up sooner, they make getting fit so much fun. So what are you waiting for? Get into shape, have fun, meet like minded people and make some amazing new friends”

Maria Gualtieri

“OMF has changed my life in so many ways. To try and cut a long story short, I broke my back in 2012 and I had a slow recovery process. The Doctors said the best thing I can do is exercise in order to keep my muscle strong. I was bored at the gym as no one talked, there was way too many mirrors and no fresh air. Drinking in the Tavern one day I noticed a group of people exercising outside, I spoke to Instructor Liam and the very next morning I was at a class. The Instructors & everyone else at the class instantly made me feel at ease. They also gave me a healthy balance of pushing me but also understanding my limitations. Not only has it kept me fit, I have re-aquanited with old friends, made new friends, gained a job, cycled from Boston to New York, completed 3 mud runs, ran the Great South Run, ran the Worthing Half and i’m currently in training for the Brighton Marathon. Life’s for living guys and OMF has certainly helped me do that”

Anna C / Admin Anna