Can I suspend my membership within the 3 month minimum term?

If suspension is due to an injury or for a medical reason we will ask for medical proof in order to suspend during your contract for a max of 3 months. The membership will automatically restart on your next collection day of the following month. Suspensions will start and end on your collection date of any month.

What can I do if I miss any of my OMF sessions?

If your membership type is one class per week, and you happen to miss a week, so long as you have an active direct debit in place, this class can be made up the following week, by attending two classes that week. Any missed classes are carried forward for a maximum period of 4 weeks.

Can I take a friend along with me to a session if they haven’t used OMF before?

es, your friend will be offered a free trial class and then at the end of the class will be invited to join.  Please note they must complete the online health form by clicking here (*link). If they sign up from your recommendation you get a 50% reduction on your next  monthly membership (not during first three months), however this can be applied after this period.

It’s raining / snowing; will there still be an OMF session today?

OMF train in all weather conditions, so long as it is deemed safe to do so. We adapt our style of training to the elements around us. Should it be necessary to cancel any sessions, we inform our members at the earliest opportunity. To ensure you receive these communications from us, do check your email preferences on the website, and be sure that you have subscribed to us by going to log into the members’ area and go to email preferences. If you are ever in doubt, please do check the park web page held on our website.

Do I need to bring my own water?

You’re welcome to bring your own isotonic drinks for before or after the session but not during. Please ensure you bring water, there will be water breaks during the class. Please make sure you are hydrated before you arrive.